Press Release


© Fred Gaertner

Throughout our boundless cosmos humanity manifests by way of an infinite number of Life Streams,
each literally fathered by its own Wayshower. Each mature Life Stream presently occupies a sequence
of nonillions of Higher-Order universes. The Stream to which Earthlings belong is a mere "child" among
such structures, having currently been seeded only through its Eighty-First Higher-Order Universe.

Our very own "progenitor" is known as Aaron the Prophet. The first order of His Stream currently occupies
343 planetary cultures scattered among 27 different galaxies in our immediate First-Order universe. Although
Earthlings are but a tiny fraction of His First-Order progeny, He loves all His children and suffers greatly
when any of them misbehave.

Each of these novels features a particular brand of misbehavior by Aaron's descendents. For example, the
first novel (1855-1857) centers upon the enslavement of one racial group by another racial group and relates
our own Wayshower's attempt to counter that misbehavior. ...Twenty years of Irish terrorism will bring
Aaron for a 1990 visit in the second novel. ...And so it goes.